viernes, 6 de noviembre de 2009

Shall we walk together?

Stephen shrugged with a nonchalance he was far from feeling. He was, after all, perfectly capable of controlling himself for the duration of the stroll. Without a doubt. Most likely. He extended his elbow and ignored the warming bells clanging in his brain.
"How are you feeling?" Hayley asked.
Unsettled. Frustrated. Aroused as hell.
"I'm fine, Miss Albright." Stephen's gaze wandered slowly downward to the flower tucked in her buttonhole. He reached out and touched a petal with one finger. "What flower did you say this was?"
"A pansy"
"And what do pansies stand for?" he asked.
"They mean 'you occupy my thoughts.' "
He took a step closer to Hayley and then another, until only inches separeted them. He'd half expected her to retreat, but she didn't move.
"You are occuping my thoughts right now, " he said, his voice coming out in a husky rasp.
He wanted very much to kiss her, but to his utter amazement he was wxperienceing an unprecedented battle with his conscience, and inner voice he'd thought long dead. He was about to move away, when her gaze drifted down to his mouth. He could practically feel the soft caress against his lips.
Burying his conscience in a deep grave, he leaned forward, and brushed his mouth across her full lips.
Red roses mean love - Jacquie D'Alessandro

Me, the eternal romantic...
Y sí ese fue el libro que elegi leer en mis sesiones de kinesiolgía

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